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Sieberg Co
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Quick Information
An xDesk agent will contact you as soon as the order is purchased to receive information about the project.

Revisions *

A revision refers to the changes/modifications. You may provide us new changes in the deliveries until you run out of the revisions.

Delivery Days *

On how many days do you need the work done? Select the number that fit your needs.

# of Pages *

Equals to the maximum different webpages that we will design and code. Example Home, About Us, Contact Us etc.

Plugins Installation

Would you like a feature that a plugin provides? Check out our plugin list if It is included. If not chat with us to suggest it.


We will install the Woocommerce plugin and setup the basic functions. We will create 10 products of your choice.


We will install the WPML plugin and setup the basic functions for 2 languages for your choice. Notice that we will not translate or insert any translated content.


An online presence that drives real business goals requires a tapestry of on-brand design, functional development, lead generation channels, user experience tailoring and conversion optimization couched in solid strategy.

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About This Company
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Front-end Developer and UI Design company established in USA. We are extremely passionate about design and creating great digital experiences, balancing beauty and performance.

United States

Service Creators & Assistant
Anne Carter
Web Developer
Nancy Martinez
xDesk Quality Assurance
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