Buyers Q&A

Buyers Q&A
Frequently Asked Questions
If more information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • How do you keep my personal information safe?
    We care about your privacy. You may read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service to get a full insight on how we tread data.
  • What is Online Status?
    Online status is indicated by a small green circle next any avatar, which let's you know that the user is currently logged in to xDesk.
  • How do I communicate with xDesk Quality Assurance Employees
    By using our chat module or a contact form.
    Never give out your password. Now and again we may ask for a few things from you, but:
    We will never ask you by email, messages, or comments to provide us with your password or sign-in credentials.
    We will never ask you to email us your password.
    We will never prompt you to log into a site outside of the xDesk domain, nor to download and install an application.
    Please never download or run such applications or email attachments, as they are definitely not coming from us.
  • How do I contact the seller before I place my order?
    By using the chat module. Each service has a dedicated xDesk Quality Assurance assistant. Any question you ask on chat may be answered by either the Seller or the xDesk QA assistant.
  • Can I pay with my credit card?
    Yes, you can pay with your credit card, debit card or Paypal.
  • What if I'm not satisifed with my delivery?
    If you are not happy with your delivery, you can always ask the seller for revisions. Since the dedicated xDesk QA member, the Seller and you, are on the same conversation chat since the beggining of the order, we can always find a resolution in a professional manner.
  • How do I cancel an order?
    Canceling your order is easy. If your order has not been marked Completed , you can cancel your order using the Cancel function which is available in the order page, and following the steps to submit your request. Once your seller accepts, the order will be canceled and your funds will be placed in your shopping balance as a credit for future orders.
  • How do I cancel an order and receive a refund to my payment source?
    Once your order has been canceled, the funds are placed in your shopping balance as credit. If you would like the funds to be returned to your payment source, you will need to reach out to our Customer Support team and they will be happy to start your refund request.
  • How can I review a service?
    Feedback can be provided up to 10 days after the last delivery of the order. Once you provide feedback, it cannot be changed.
  • How can I contact a seller if the order is completed?
    If your order is completed and you still need to communicate with the seller, it's best to reach out to the seller via your xDesk messages.
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